State-of-the-art voyage planning software

NaviPlanner™ is used by bridge officers to review optimum route options in seconds. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s the maritime equivalent of satnav – allowing you to create a fully compliant voyage plan in a fraction of the usual time.

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NaviManager fleet management software

NaviManagerTM enables shipping companies to efficiently track, monitor and manage their vessels, from a single ship to a full fleet.

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The complete digital publication library for commercial vessels.

NaviTab™ has been created to reduce the risk of non-compliance, by bringing ALL your on-board documents together in digital format, storing all of your navigational publications and documents in one, easy-to-use virtual bookshelf.

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Simple to use portfolio management

Neptune is a unique, real-time vessel information service that allows vessels to stay fully compliant.

Working intelligently, Neptune streamlines workflow, allowing users to reduce workload and increase efficiency.

• Easy to install, Windows-based, dovetails into existing set up;

• Information provided via satellite, online or via email.

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Navigation charts with AIS and augmented reality on your iPhone/iPad

Explore, Plan and Navigate in real time and outstanding high-resolution with the latest Digital Vector Marine charts and powerful route planning and navigation tools.

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