NaviManager fleet management software

NaviManagerTM enables shipping companies to efficiently track, monitor and manage their vessels, from a single ship to a full fleet.

Control your fleet from one hub

NaviManagerTM gives you complete control over spend, compliance, voyage planning and location, alongside full fleet-level control and reporting. The program can be used on computer, tablet and mobile, so you can keep track of your fleet, wherever you are. 

With NaviManagerTM, you can have peace of mind over your fleet’s current status, ensuring that your operations are running smoothly and efficiently. 

Benefits of NaviManager

24/7 access to fleet information

Monitor and track your vessels in real-time, including location, ETA and route information.

Complete compliance check

Ensure your vessels remain compliant with ENC permit checks and updates on required documentation throughout the journey.

In-depth reporting

Produce reports by fleet, vessel or product to ensure all of your documentation is up to date and correct.

Transparent ordering

Keep control over budgets with a full overview over orders and invoicing details, with the ability to accept and decline order requests from the office. 

Efficiently track, monitor and manage vessels with NaviManager™

FREE with Nautisk’s Neptune and NaviPlanner packages

NaviManager™ is now free with our NaviPlanner™ voyage planning software and Neptune™ back of bridge software digital packages, so you can manage your vessel on-shore, while remaining in control of your voyage on-board, at no extra cost.

The packages work seamlessly together for an efficient and comprehensive digital solution.

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