State-of-the-art voyage planning software

NaviPlanner™ is used by bridge officers to review optimum route options in seconds. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s the maritime equivalent of satnav – allowing you to create a fully compliant voyage plan in a fraction of the usual time.

Your optimum route planned in seconds

NaviPlanner™ is used by bridge officers to review optimum route options in seconds.

Using reliable data it plots the route based on your chosen ports.

It enables you to export a complete voyage plan in just a few minutes.

State-of-the-art voyage planning software

NaviPlanner vessel route planning options

If you want the most innovating voyage planning tool to date, choose NaviPlanner™. It makes planning a voyage quick and simple – at a cost-effective monthly subscription per vessel.
NaviPlanner™ is an integrated end-to-end voyage planning system that’s designed to make the operational task of planning and managing voyages simpler.

It combines big data – route information based on the optimum voyages used by mariners – and compliant navigational chart data and digital publications.

You’ll easily ensure you’re compliant. Seamless updates ensure your global fleet remains compliant. You’ll get notifications of when your new permits and ENC updates are ready.

If you know how simple it is to use Google Maps or sat nav, you’ll find NaviPlanner™ incredibly easy to use!

Benefits of NaviPlanner™

NaviPlanner™ suggests optimum routes


Plan an optimum route

Set start and end waypoints – including any additional ports of call – and choose from the optimum routes suggested.

NaviPlanner™ produces compliant voyage plans
Produce a compliant voyage plan

NaviPlanner™ outputs a PDF of a complete voyage plan. It uses a traffic light system to show information you may need to input. Get green lights and you’re good to go!

Get access to port information with NaviPlanner™
Access port information

You can find important port information quickly to help you make decisions and make contacts.

Get real-time warnings

You can make better decisions with piracy information, weather and NavArea warnings. See them visually on the route plan at the click of a button.

PC and touchscreen compatible

NaviPlanner™ works with Windows 7 or above – and if you have touchscreen back-of-bridge systems/screens it is fully touchscreen compatible.

How to create a voyage plan  
How to plot a route  

Enquire now – and get 3 months FREE

NaviPlanner™ is available on a simple monthly subscription, making it easy to manage your fleet finances.

It’s a low-cost way to put highly efficient, fully compliant route planning on your vessels – saving your operations time and money.

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