The complete digital publication library for commercial vessels.

NaviTab™ has been created to reduce the risk of non-compliance, by bringing ALL your on-board documents together in digital format, storing all of your navigational publications and documents in one, easy-to-use virtual bookshelf.

Created to reduce the risk of non-compliance

Vessels travelling global routes can fall foul of SOLAS regulations and be at risk of being held by Port State Control if documents are found to be missing or out of date. The NaviTab’s™ optimised search engine will automatically locate latest available publications and licenses latest editions, helping you remain in the know, as well as compliant.

Using our smart download protocol, there’ll be no loss of data even when you lose signal – resuming file downloads and maintaining file integrity.

Replace your on-board paper library with one digital solution, without it costing you the earth

Trying to keep an ever-changing library of navigational publications up to date can be time-consuming and expensive. Move from paper to digital with NaviTab™ and replace your on-board library with an easy-to-use tablet.

The tablet enables you to purchase and download publications only when required, saving vessels an average of 30% a year on publication purchase costs.The lightweight, portable tablet also reducesfreight fees, allowing you to offset the initial cost of purchase.

Navitab - Digital publication library

Digital delivery in seconds, not days

NaviTab™ gives you access to a complete maritime publication library and keeps it updated. You can upload your own documents to make it a complete ship’s reference point and the search function helps you find exactly what you are looking for within seconds.

Benefits of NavTab™

Vessel Compliance


Help your vessel to remain compliant

Automatic updates ensure compliance with SOLAS Regulations. The subscription also includes file sharing across two on-board NaviTab™ devices to keep a vessel compliant. 

Cost Reduction


Reduce purchase costs and shipping fees

Buy on a need only basis avoiding unnecessary purchases and reduce freight with one lightweight tablet.

Document management


Access the right document in seconds

You can search by keyword or phrase, and NaviTab™ will scan through your publication text, bookmarks and even your annotations – in under 1 second. 

Paper documentation


Eliminates manual corrections to paper documents

Add bookmarks, and make notes as you’re reading. You can name your annotations for use in searches. 

Publications and documents kept together


Keep all publications and documents in one place

As well as the ability to store hundreds of publications, the device also has an upload function for your digital documents.

Environmental compliance


Comply with environmental requirements

Going digital can save tonnes of paper and several cubic metres of CO2 otherwise created by airfreight deliveries.

12-inch screen and integral keyboard

The new edition of NaviTab™ has a larger 12” screen which allows for better visibility and ease of navigation on the touch screen. With a faster processor, publications and documents can be reached even quicker than before. Locate what you need with keyword search and then annotate pages with your finger, an electronic pen or detachable keyboard. 

NaviTab™ features:

  • Detachable keyboard
  • Electronic pen for annotations
  • Search capability
  • Possibility to upload and download documents
  • 24/7 support
NaviTab™ Device
How to find and annotate onboard documents with NaviTab™  
How to update your publications library using NaviTab™  

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