Giving back to the bears

At Nautisk we’re passionate about the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint. We actively encourage our customers to switch from paper to digital systems – reducing the environmental impact of global freight and print storage.

To further enhance our commitment, we’ve partnered with Polar Bears International as member of the Arctic Allies programme.

PBI Arctic Allies

Sea ice is rapidly declining due to global warming, reducing the natural habitat for polar bears and impacting their feeding resources.

To help fund the research and work that PBI does to aid polar bears, we will be fundraising through different initiatives and events. You can see how we’re getting on with reaching our target amount on our Just Giving page.

Polar Bears International has some brilliant information on the work they are doing, an interactive polar bear tracker map as well as ideas on how you can help to reduce your impact on the environment. Visit the Polar Bears International website.