Terms of use

Nautisk and nautisk.com is:

Nautisk Forlag AS
Christian Krohgs Gate 16
0186 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 00 85 00 
Mail: oslo@nautisk.com

Org nr: 914 535 263

1. Personal Data Registration

1.1 In order to complete a purchase all customers must register with Nautisk.com, stating their name, address, e-mail and phone number. This information is kept for five years in accordance with Norwegian law which requires that all accounting materials are kept for a minimum of five years.

1.2 Only personal details that are required in connection with completing the order are passed on to third parties, and only with the completion of the order in view.

1.3 Buyer must indicate his e-mail address when placing his order as all communication regarding said order will be electronic and by e-mail.

1.4 Nautisk does not use cookies. www.Nautisk.com uses Google logging logistics to monitor and analyze customer traffic. 

1.5 Nautisk is data responsible.

1.6 According to Norwegian legislation on current data it is possible to object to data registration.

1.7 Personal details are stored and transmitted in a non-encrypted format.

2. Items

2.1 The item supplied to the buyer is the standard item described in Nautisk’s catalogue. Any supplements, extra equipment et cetera must be purchased and paid for separately, as indicated in the catalogue.

3. Pricing

3.1 All prices are current and given in Norwegian Kroner (NOK), British Pounds (GBP), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) or US Dollars (USD) excluding VAT (Value Added Tax).

3.2 Prices on some imported items change daily as prices are calculated according to current exchange rates.

3.3 Prices are updated daily.

3.4 Prices given are exclusive of shipping costs.

3.5 Shipping costs vary according to the chosen country of delivery. 

3.6 Discounts are given on a hub by hub basis.

4. Secure payment

Netaxept is a secure and user-friendly payment solution that complies with national and international security standards and is PCI certified.

4.1 Payment is not processed until the item has been shipped.

4.2 The following credit cards are accepted as payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners.

4.3 Only items listed on your invoice are payable.

5. Order Confirmation

5.1 Orders placed on www.nautisk.com are confirmed via email.

5.2 All correspondence regarding internet orders is conducted by email.

5.3 We do not store information regarding your order in a way that allows us to forward a copy of the order at a later date. We therefore recommend that you keep the order confirmation e-mail you receive after placing your order with us.

6. Shipping / Click & Collect

6.1 Orders placed earlier than 12:00 local time on weekdays are processed and shipped the same day.

6.2 You are able to choose your shipping provider where available during the purchasing process.

6.3 Deliveries can only be made to recognized addresses. Verification of the shipping address is required in order to ship your package. 

6.4 All items are checked prior to shipping, and only undamaged goods are shipped. Nautisk is obliged to package items securely prior to shipping.

7. Cooling-off Period

7.1 There is a 14 days cooling-off period on all items purchased via the internet. The cooling-off period commences upon receipt of the item.

7.2 The item must be returned in the same condition and quantity it was received in, and shipping costs must be paid for by the client.

7.3 A purchase can be reversed by refusing receipt, by returning or handing in the item to:

Nautisk Forlag AS
Christian Krohgs Gate 16
0186 Oslo, Norway

When you return a purchased item we will notify you via email when we have received the item and inform you about the further procedure.

7.4 There is no right of return on following items:

- POD, Print on Demand products, since produced in accordance to current order.

- Digital products (including e-books), since goods cannot be returned when e-mailed or installed.

8. Claims

8.1 Claims must be made within a reasonable period of time following receipt. When filing a claim, the customer must state his reasons and the item must be sent or handed in to:

Nautisk Forlag AS
Christian Krohgs Gate 16
0186 Oslo, Norway

9. Liability

9.1 Nautisk liability is conditional upon the payment conditions having being observed by the customer.

9.2 Nautisk liability can not exceed the value of the delivered item and does not include any effects of faults or problems with said item, neither directly nor indirectly.

9.3 Nautisk is not liable for damages caused during transport, unless Norwegian laws general rules indicate otherwise.

9.4 Nautisk assumes no responsibility in connection with the customer’s legal relations with any third parties.

10. Order Processing - Step by Step

10.1 Processing an internet order with Nautisk is done as follows:

  • You select the items you wish to buy by clicking the Add to Cart icon displayed to the right of each item.
  • All items that you have selected are put in the Shopping Basket and you can check these at all times by clicking the shopping cart inventory, detailing your products and price at the top right of your browser window.
  • When you have finished selecting the items you wish to purchase, click “Check out” at the top right of your browser window to complete the order.
  • The first page will display an overview of the items your have selected and a total price, including shipping costs. When you have checked that the information is correct, click “continue” to proceed.
  • You will then be asked to supply the delivery address and more details. Click “continue”.
  • Enter your credit card details. After clicked “confirm order” the purchase is processed and an order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you have given.

11. Misc.

11.1 Companies and organizations can buy items through Nautisk’s web shop, in order to get a customer number please contact us at oslo@nautisk.com.
11.2 The above Terms & Conditions apply and may be changed if required due to business processes or if Norwegian law dictates it, just as Norwegian law governs all concerns not included in the above.